You need a marketing GPS, not just a map

We help you create a beautiful, effective website
and a comprehensive marketing plan
that will help you make more impact & money
so you reach your business goals.

Think of all the things that you have to do if you’re really going to do “marketing”:

Logo, signage, website, blog articles, photography, email marketing, social media, local listings, video, online and/or print advertising… and more!

You need a plan!

Imperative Company exists to give you not just a plan, but a step-by-step guide. We’re your marketing GPS, telling you the next step that will move you toward your big goals!

Or maybe you need a marketing chauffeur…

If you want to focus on what you do best, Imperative Company would love to come along side to do what we do best… make you money through marketing! Fully-managed services are available.

We will be beside you to guide you, or we can even perform any of the tasks that you don’t want to manage yourself.

Meet Lisa Ingersoll

Hi! I’m Lisa Ingersoll, the the founder and owner of Imperative Company. I’ve worked in the marketing world since 2010, helping nonprofits and businesses reach their goals through better marketing. Since 2017 I’ve been working solely for you… my clients!

My proudest moments are when my clients reach success:

  • You get another online order or quote request from a potential client
  • We launch a beautiful website that you can maintain yourself, a website that makes you look as good as you really are!
  • Your blog gets 120,000 page views in one day, and lots of ad revenue that allows you to fund your nonprofit needs
  • You walk away with a handsome logo that makes you feel professional and ready to serve!

My passion is helping you fulfill your unique purpose in the world, whether through your business or life.

P.S. I also love going on adventures in the mountains with my husband Jonathan, growing things, cooking spicy food, and managing my own businesses!

Let’s talk… I would love to hear about your goals and needs. I truly hope that you’ll feel empowered and inspired after our conversation. Thanks and I can’t wait to meet you!