Elizabeth Tapp is a registered dietician in the Indianapolis area. She works with people all around the world to help them discover their food sensitivities. Her speciality is not health marketing — instead, she focuses on her clients!

They experience amazing recovery from rheumatoid arthritis, mental health disorders, IBS, chronic skin conditions and more. Once they know what foods to avoid for a few months, their bodies heal! Elizabeth provides the freedom of health to her clients.

Elizabeth’s website and logo were cumbersome and outdated. She needed a fresh look that would work perfectly on mobile phones.

Imperative Company partnered with Nutrition Advancement to provide the following marketing services:

  • Logo Design Created an attractive professional logo that resonates with Elizabeth’s target audience.
  • Website: Designed & developed a website that looks great on all devices.
  • E-Store Link: Added a link to a third-party store that Elizabeth uses to provide supplements for her clients.
  • Lead Generation: Converted basic health assessments to online “scorecards” that potential clients can complete. They enter their email to receive their final score, and Elizabeth is informed of their interest. (See example.)
  • Online Form Conversion: Created online forms for appointment requests and general questions.

Holistic health is a passion of ours at Imperative Company. We are committed to helping healthcare professionals and holistic practitioners with their holistic health marketing!

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Nutrition Advancement Final Logo