Imperative Company helps organizations with nonprofit and small business marketing services

We love to come along beside you to help you make more money with your website and marketing!

Local Listings & Marketing

In 2021, Local Marketing is important!

  • In 1990, “real” businesses had a toll-free 800 number.
  • In 2005, “real” businesses had an ad in the Yellow Pages phone book.
  • In 2021, just to survive… businesses must show up everywhere people are searching online, especially on voice search.

The Imperative Local Listing service is an affordable monthly service that ensures that your business information is present and accurate on dozens of places where people search online.

More importantly, it makes sure that you are accurately showing up when people ask Siri, Alexa, or Google about a service you provide!

Contact us today for your free report about how you are currently showing up online.

Web Design & Development

Your website is your “front porch,” the first thing people see about your business or nonprofit. It matters!

Buyers and donors make decisions about you based on your website. You have just about 3 seconds to establish your credibility and make them want to connect with you.

Imperative Company will help you create an easy-to-use website that will make you look great!

  • Planning the website: What is the purpose of your site? (This is the most important part!)
  • Planning and writing content: We’ll help you fine-tune words and images that get results.
  • Designing a responsive website: It will look good on mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.
  • Hosting your website: Managing or setting up where your site lives online.
  • Managing your domain: Helping you buy or manage your domain name (website address).

Branding (Audience, Words, Look, Feel)

When we think of “branding,” it’s easy to think of a logo. Instead, branding encompasses 4 vital parts:

  1. Who you’re speaking to
  2. What words you’re speaking
  3. What look (colors, fonts, images) you’re showing
  4. What feel you’re producing

At Imperative Company, we know that branding is absolutely foundational to every part of marketing. Even if you don’t need a logo, we go through basic branding exercises for almost all of our projects to make sure that we’re not missing the point with our marketing!

We can also help you with these specific services:

  • Consulting about your business name if you’re just starting
  • Defining your target audience
  • Writing wording/messaging to describe your organization simply
  • Creating your logo/visual elements

Email Marketing

Most marketing authorities consider your email list to be your most important marketing asset.

Are you offering something of value to your website readers so that they will share their email address with you? If not, you are missing out on perhaps dozens of future opportunities to connect with a potential customer!

Imperative Company can help you get your email program started, or automated!

  • Planning your email marketing
  • Setting up the best email marketing program for you
  • Connecting your website to your email program
  • Automating as many emails as possible
  • Writing/designing/creating “lead magnets” that encourage people to sign up for your email list
  • Writing content for your key email campaigns

Social Media Setup & Management

Social media is an important tool: it gives you a chance to interact with thousands of people who need your help!

Imperative Company offers several social media management services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

We can help with several levels of social media management, including these:

  • Social media audit and planning/coaching sessions
  • Social media channel setup
  • Complete social media management: content creation, posting, commenting/engagement with your audience
  • Temporary social media management (i.e. vacation coverage)

Blog Management

Where are you at with blogging?

  1. What’s a blog? Isn’t that an online diary from the ’90s?
  2. I’m a business/nonprofit and I want to use blogging to share great content with my audience
  3. I’m an aspiring or beginning blogger.
  4. I’m an advanced blogger and I need help making more money with my site, or solving other technical problems

Whatever your blogging level, Imperative Company wants to help you be more successful! Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Blog writing: Perfect for businesses/nonprofits. We create articles and images that are keyword matched with your audience’s needs and post them on your blog 2-10 times a month. (Of course, you get to review and approve all content.) Establish yourself as an expert in your field with consistent, helpful content!
  • Blog setup and design: If you’re starting out, talk with us first. Laying a good foundation with your site can set you up for long-term success. We’ll help you implement best practices so that you can start making money even if you don’t have a huge audience at first.
  • Advanced blog management: Talk with us if you’d like a blog audit and ideas on how to take your blog to the next level. We can help with things like monetization, ads, search ranking, site performance/speed, email list building, and more. Definitely talk with us if you love to blog but you’re “not techie”!

Imperative Company has been the webmaster/designer for many blogs, including one that receives over 1 million views per month and generates thousands of dollars in monthly ad revenue. Whether you are beginning or advanced, we would be happy to hear about your goals!

Print Design

Imperative Company offers graphic design to help with your business or organization needs:

  • Business cards
  • Custom stationery (letterhead or greeting cards)
  • Restaurant & coffee shop menus
  • Signage
  • Event marketing & programs
  • Mailed advertisements
  • Packaging design

Custom Business & Nonprofit Photography

A website is only as good as its photos!

If you need help capturing the heart and soul of your business, your mission, or the people you serve, we can help! Available in the Indianapolis area.

One client that we recently photographed is Sassafras Tea Room.

Your business goals are paramount. Please contact us to talk about your needs!

We help you create a beautiful, effective website
and a comprehensive marketing plan
that will help you make more money
and reach your business goals.